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About Us

Worship is central to the life of this church. Our services honor church tradition in a modern world. Without forgetting the rich and instructive language of the past, we worship in the language of today. Worship, greetings, prayer, and our Pastor's message are what we consider worship.

IRBC is the place that we come to be challenged and inspired to go out to do the work of our Lord. It is the place that our lives are transformed as we encounter and experience the presence of our God.  Worship is our core value – regardless of style. In fact, it is in worship that we live out our passion, that our spirit springs to life, that tradition meets today.  We provide every opportunity to authentically know and encounter God in your life. All our worship services present Biblical truths in engaging, powerful, and applicable ways.

Blessing Box

At IRBC, we pursue the Glory of God through worship, ministry, giving and education. One way that we give is by hosting our Blessing Box right outside our front doors. 
At the blessing box, you can take if you're in need and give if you are able. We simply want to foster a community of giving, as we believe the Bible instructs us.
Take freely and be blessed as God has blessed us.

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